Deviants ixvi - Eating Jello With A Heated Fork (1996)

The group name and front cover doesn't give away much, but this is something of a supergroup, as well as a semi-sequel to Mick Farren's previous collaboration album with longtime wind instrument session/sideman Andy Lancaster, The Deathray Tapes. Featuring many of the others who worked on that earlier live recording, including Andy Colquhoun and Wayne Kramer as well as actor Brad Dourif -- guesting on pretty good digeridoo on "Three Headed Lobster Boy" -- Eating Jello is a spiky, snarled tangle of contrary rock at its finest. Wearing its "punk before you were born" ethos as a deserved badge of honor, the album perhaps unsurprisingly finds its niche very much in the vein of the Deviants' freaky legacy and the MC5's own hotwired R&B/free jazz past. The group can tone it down to a low, hard swing when needed, thus tracks like "Arts of Darkness" and "God's Worst Nightmare," but the air is still laden heavy with threat. Farren's raspy vocals clearly have been through the wringer over the years, but his control is still damn fine, making everything sound appropriately right in context. When he speaks rather than sings his shaggy dog tales of freedom, fire, and chaos, his rants actually work even better! Kramer's regular drummer for his solo days, Brock Avery, shows he knows his chops throughout, while Colquhoun and Kramer himself crank it and spank it like the vets they are, completely blowing down the door on the title track and otherwise individually doing their thing elsewhere. Lancaster's own honking sax work is one instrument of many, as he tackles everything from violin to "organized noise" with the same elan. Various vocal cameos crop up throughout, some of the best being Susan Slater's song-ending bits on "On Such a Lurid Night" and nearly all of the US Bombs on "Hard Times."  - by Ned Raggett

Source: My CD collection - Rip
EAC,FLAC,Cue,100% Log + Complete Cover Scans

The writing on the front of the CD cover art is Wayne Kramer's signature.
I have seen him live on several occasions and had him autograph many titles from his long career.

This release is from a latter day incarnation of the group.
Featured guest players include:
Mick Farren  (The Deviants,The Pink Fairies,Wayne Kramer Band)
Wayne Kramer (MC5,Wayne Kramer's Air Raid,Gang War)
Paul Ill  (Wayne Kramer Band, Geezer Butler Band) 
Brock Avery  (Wayne Kramer Band, Liquid Jesus,Brand X) 
Jack Lancaster (Blodwyn Pig,Aviator)
Andy Colquhoun (Wayne  Kramer Band,The Pink Fairies,Mick Farren Band)


  1. I don't have any idea what is this, but I love the name of the album
    I just downloaded now and will listen tomorrow.
    Tks Eric, kisses on your cheek

  2. @ Lu-VG- This is Mick Farren's Deviants.
    Being Old Bitch likes The Pink Fairies & related I thought this might be of interest to him.
    Or whoever :D
    I added a review to shed some light on just what this release is.

  3. Fuckung disc, Fucjing post, Fucking poster
    Thanks a lot Eric
    Kisses in the ass

  4. @ putaveia - Hope it was a cd you didn't have buddy :D
    Hard being you seem to own them all!

  5. Amigo seria possível uma Re - Up deste DEVIANTS 1996 ? , só agora descobrí esta postagem. obrigado


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