Yesterday's Children - Yesterday's Children (1969 us hard/psychedelic rock, 2001 Akarma reissue - FLAC)

Salve bordelmaníacos, trago aqui para vocês, mais um clássico do underground rock!

Esse excelente álbum é de uma obscura banda de Connecticut (USA), que lançou esse álbum em 1969, e nele você pode ouvir um fantástico hard/heavy rock, orquestrado por um grande trabalho de guitarra!

Espero que vocês desfrutem essa maravilha!

*Reggie Wright (guitar)
*Denis Croce (vocals)
*Richard Croce (guitar)
*Chuck Maher (bass)
*Ralph Muscatelli (drums)

This 1969 underground classic LP from the Connecticut band "Yesterday's Children" is real lost gem. This was the only album they ever made, but oh what a stunning success it was musically, even though it wasn't recognized on a national level.

Starting out as an amphetamine garage fuzz punk combo — the group was featured on the ‘Psychedelic Unknowns’ compilation with one side of their 1966 single on Parrot.

Not to be confused with the Chicago area punk group of the same name who issued one single and who appears on the Pebbles box set.

The group progressed from the fuzzed up garage sound of their debut single to a more straightforward hard rock sound by the time they cut this, their sole album.

Reggie Wright played a significant role as the lead guitar player. His strengths were more than obvious in each song as he tore his way through each number relentlessly without clutter.

The group was led by brothers Denis Croce (guitar) and Richard Croce (vocals). The rhythm section of Chuck Maher (bass) and Ralph Muscatelli (drums) were standup from start to finish, providing the pumping and thumping force that drove their musical machine.

Side one is very good and side two is nothing less than remarkable. The four songs presented are solid and unfailing, featuring the powerful fat chords of Wright.

The rest of the band easily falls into line with such resourceful leadership to complete the overall effects of each and every track. Notable as well is the colorful and detailed cover art. It reminded me of Gulliver's Travel's.

This is a fine album that flirts with progressive rock continually. For a one shot effort they certainly put it all together on this album. When you hear this you will be amazed at the sound quality and musicianship.

It will make you wonder why they were a fly by night act that never continued beyond this album.


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