Live - Live Germany - 1974 - WAV=ORIGINAL

Ja que tamo falando de rock alemão
vai aqui mais esta paulada
Imperdível e ultra raro
Eu considero junto com o Embryo as
 melhores bandas do movimento KrautRock

Ai putada, graças ao micose, eu comecei a dar uma nova olhada nos meus originais de rock alemão, e resolvi publicar este aqui que eu considero um dos melhores shows de grupos alemães
Então, este disco é simplesmente fantástico, e deve ser ouvido de cabo a rabo
Não vou comentar muito, apague a luz, deita, acenda algo para acompanhar e viaje.viaje
Logo volto a postar as porradas

Now, a short review in english to help the International Surfers

Germany's Jane have enjoyed a long and prolific career, selling large amounts of records not only in their homeland but throughout Europe. 1972's 'Together' is where it all started, with a sound influenced strongly by Pink Floyd that features a mixture of both prog and psychedelic elements flavoured with 1970's-style hard rock(early Deep Purple anyone?) and a hint of the blues. A likeable album, though one that is slightly derivative of Western psychedelic rock, Jane's debut should appeal to fans of Nektar, Uriah Heep, Frumpy and Black Widow, with the rock-solid mixture of Klaus Hess' soaring lead guitar, Werner Nadolny's nicely understated organ and Bernd Pulst's gruff vocals combining to well-worn effect. Groundbreaking it may not be, but both proggers and rockers should find this psych-tinged album satisfying enough. STEFAN TURNER, LONDON, 2010 


  1. Nice one, but where is the link??

  2. Passamos e gostamos do blog. Gostaríamos que, se pudesse, também conhecesse o nosso. Um abraço!

  3. The Links is "clica aqui e boa viagem"

    click here and good voyage (this kind of words is to hidden to google)
    Have a good day and a good trip

  4. When I clich it I get the following:

    whats wrong?

  5. The links was wrong
    now is correct
    Try Again

  6. Thanks a lot for the Link. Great Stuff

  7. Hi, just downloaded the file, but this is not JANE!!! This is a german band called LIVE. Nevertheless a wonderfull pice of German Progrock of the 70ies.

  8. I discover them here so thanks so much to post it.

    You know, you can encode WAV to FLAC level 8 with "Trader's Little Helper" or WAV to APE with "Monkey's Audio", like that your files will be less big ;)

    I go to look what there is as good music here ...

  9. i don't know who is this band but it's not JANE, not the musician's names of the band and not the usual songlist on these cd sleeves,...who is this band ?

  10. Hi, Bro.,

    Link down, please help

    1. Hi Luiz, the band name was wrong, not Jane but Live ..., I corrected it. Find it on Rutracker:


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