Black Widow Volume III - Remastered -FLAC

If God is White, Obscure - Sinister  Rock Is Black Widow
Only a Joke with Our Friend God Is White

Hi Putada and Freaks

Continuo aqui a saga de uma das maiores bandas de rock-sinistro-obscuro-progressivo de todos os tempos
Aqui temos o terceiro disco, também uma puta cacetada,daquele jeito de sempre
O nosso amigo God is White me escreveu pedindo uma coletânea do Black Widow e até passou o link , mas ai eu disse que era somente uma coletânea, e que eu tinha todos os originais do BW e que ia postá-los
E vou postar tambem o Coven (esta anterior ao Black Widow), mas contemporânea do Pesk Gee (Pré-Black Widow)
Ok Mr God, you will have all of this records plus Black Widow Live in Video more 2 cds live (one from the dvd), plus Coven and Pesk Gee
Is good in off?
Enjoy yourself and fuck you and your net download this biggests files (another Joke)
Kisses and Bye Bye



  1. Jejeje, a great big title, for this excellent post, glad with PUTAVEIA (meretriz do rock)..
    Go ahead and clap again for Brazil from Costa Rica.
    The Title, very very curious... xD

  2. God
    We have luck to have people like you with a great taste
    But, i next Rock and Rio, look:

    Lady Gaga (urghhhhhhhhhh),Ivete Sangalo (Jesus, noone deserve this kind of shit)
    Have a great nigh to you and fuck the ears of your nighborads

  3. Lady gaga can u s*ck my d*ck, Omg God, please let me NOT hear this shit, never...
    In few words, Putaveia u have a glorious blog, don't stop, Progressive, krautrock, progquebec, Obscure and other stuff (rock) stay in good hands with u; good night and respects from Costa Rica.

  4. My Friend God is white
    I will never stop my blog
    I only post my private collection (i have 4000 cds and 1200 dvds), and 40 years in rock and roll highway
    Its a pleasure to me share mw know, becase some day i will be with Ronnie James Dio (All of us), and the new generation like you has to have this know and chare with the next generation

  5. 4000 cds????????TO APAIXONADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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