Droogs - Stone Cold World – 1984 - 1 bonus track - US - Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Making Waves - SPIN 117



A1 - Droogs - Change Is Gonna Come 3:41
A2 - Droogs - Set My Love On You 2:41
A3 - Droogs - For These Remaining Days 2:25
A4 - Droogs - Stone Cold World 4:42
A5 - Droogs - I'm Waiting For The Man 4:44
Written-By – Lou Reed


B1 - Droogs - Mr. Right 4:05
B2 - Droogs - From Another Side 3:15
B3 - Droogs - He's Waitin' (Live NYC) 3:43
Written-By – Gerry Roslie
B4 - Droogs - Only Game In Town (Soundtrack Version) 4:04

Written-By [All Songs By] – Ric Albin, Roger Clay

This album and the next one have been part of my life for 40 years!

This first album of theirs, after the mini Heads Examined of 1983 (which you can find, together with the other singles released up to 1981, on the compilation listed below) was reissued, coupled with the second album Kingdom Day, in 1992 by Music Maniac Records but, beyond to have a sound that I don't like, It doesn't include the cover of The Velvet Undeground. 
However, I want to point out that the aforementioned CD is marked 1992 but either it is a reissue, or the date is wrong as Music Maniac produced excellent CDs at least until 1993.

rawkin' dog

other by Droogs: https://bordeldorock.blogspot.com/2019/12/droogs-anthology-cd-1987-us-alternative.html



  1. my own vinyl - 16-48 - flac

    1. Yoh, THANKS rawkin' dog for the bonus track and your previous FLAC that I will rip apart that silly format to make 320 mp3. People are so silly sometimes with crappy FLAC's when their recording levels and set up are the main thing! Here is my ancient rip from our favorite vinyl source but who know I may have been too high that day during my decade of unemployment before they listened about my engineering sales focus. Thanks again, https://bestfile.io/j2Rb7oxBdi9TlWS/file

    2. I'm happy that you appreciate my rips, also because my equipment is really modest, except the turntable which is a jewel, so much so that one of these days I'm going to pick up a spare ... directly from the manufacturer, a dear friend (NOIZ LOG 9000) https://www.audio4.it/noiz/prodotti/giradischi.htm, in my opinion better than the legendary Technics SL.
      I have 7 jewels from this label planned within the year: https://www.discogs.com/label/166129-Hablabel?page=1. If you are interested in something in particular I can give priority.
      Agape, Brigg, The Corporation, Grand Theft, Mariani, Thundertrain, Titus Oates. Cheers!

    3. WoW those are some great titles of bands I have collected like Atomic Rooster and Blues Project being favorites. I am curious what is your opinion about one of our old MN bands (where I spent 45 years of life and now the last 11 in FL) called Joker Wild! This double album just came out last week so I posted for only 5 days at Bestfile so may expire tomorrow...here is the link for you https://bestfile.io/2a8kKmbToASue3z/file also if I may I would like to know if you have any Chocolate Paintbox? Josef who comments at kostas blog Urban Aspirines mentioned a new release but I only have 'It Came To Me In A Dream CD 1994 but link has expired. Have a nice weekend!

    4. Sorry if I didn't answer you before but I wanted to listen carefully to the file and there are some good ideas, I think I'll buy it, but how did you manage to get it that came out on April 5th? As for Chocolate Paintbox, I don't know them but it seems they only made that CD. Cheers!

  2. Such a great band the Droogs, essential!

    1. An absolutely wonderful record, Ugo! By the way, how's life treating yo? Take care! Marco (Jeffrey Lee).


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