The Morlocks - Submerged Alive - 1987 - US - Garage Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Epitaph - EPI-MLP 1


A1 - The Morlocks - Get Out Of My Life Woman 3:11
Written-By – Allen Toussaint
A2 - The Morlocks - She's My Fix 3:04
Written-By – Jeffrey Luck Lucas, Leighton Koizumi
A3 - The Morlocks - Different World 4:27
Written-By – Jeffrey Luck Lucas, Leighton Koizumi
A4 - The Morlocks - Black Box 3:14
Written-By – Jordan Tarlow, Leighton Koizumi
A5 - The Morlocks - Leavin' Home 3:11
Written-By – Holland-Dozier-Holland
B1 - The Morlocks - My Friend The Bird 5:05
Written-By – Jeffrey Luck Lucas, Leighton Koizumi
B2 - The Morlocks - Body Not Your Soul 2:37
Written-By – Eelco Gelling,  Harry Muskee
B3 - The Morlocks - Two Wheels Go 3:48
Written-By – Jeffrey Luck Lucas, Leighton Koizumi
B4 - The Morlocks - Empty 4:31
Written-By – Jeffrey Luck Lucas, Leighton Koizumi

Recorded live in 1986 at Berkeley.

Making order in the posts I realized that I had reached 199 ... So what better opportunity to post this precious jewel, which had been in the pipeline for a long time but I forced myself, out of respect for the artists, to wait 10 years from the date of the last reprint.
Second album for the band and it is undoubtedly their masterpiece.

Part of me for 36 years!

rawkin' dog

Other album of The Morlocks:

1987 was a fantastic vintage, for me these are the albums to have absolutely, many I have already posted on the blog and more will come:

Band Of Outsiders - Acts Of Faith
Bevis Frond (The) – Miasma
Bruce Joyner - Hot Georgia Nights
Chesterfield Kings (The) - Don't Open Til Doomsday - Mirror Records Inc. - MIRROR 12
City Kids - City Kids
Conqueroo (The) - From The Vulcan Gas Company
Cynics (The) - Blue Train Station
Deadly Hume (The) - Me, Grandma, Iliko And Hilarian
Destroy All Monsters / Sonic's Rendezvous Band - Destroy All Monsters / Sonic's Rendezvous Band
Downsiders (The) - The Downsiders - Black Park Records - BPR 003
Droogs - Kingdom Day
Electric Peace - Medieval Mosquito
Eleventh Dream Day - Eleventh Dream Day
Garden Path (The) – Blue
George Brigman & Split - Human Scrawl Vagabond
Hangman's Beautiful Daughters - Hangman's Beautiful Daughters
Hangman's Beautiful Daughters - Trash Mantra
Hoodoo Gurus - Blow Your Cool!
Illiterate Beach - No Polyester Please…
Laughing Soup Dish (The) - We Are The Dish
Lizard Train (The) – Slippery
Louis Tillett - Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell
Magic Mushroom Band – Bomshamkar!
Marshmallow Overcoat (The) - The Inner Groove
Miracle Workers - Overdose
Monks Of Doom - Soundtrack To The Film : "Breakfast On The Beach Of Deception"
Morlocks (The) - Submerged Alive
New Christs (The) – Detritus
Opal – Happy Nightmare Baby
Outta Place (The) - Outta Too!!
Paul Roland - Danse Macabre
Pikes In Panic - Keep It Cool And DryKeep It Cool And Dry
Plan 9 - Sea Hunt
Primal Scream - Sonic Flower Groove
Primevals (The) - Live A Little
Shiva Burlesque - Shiva Burlesque
SS-20 - Son Of Fantasy
Stems (The) - At First Sight Violets Are Blue
Stems (The) - The Great Rosebud Hoax
Texas Instruments (The) - The Texas Instruments
Thanes (The) - Thanes Of Cawdor
Thin White Rope – Moonhead
Vietnam Veterans - Catfish Eyes And Tales
Webcore (2) – Webcore
Wylde Mammoths (The) - Go Baby Go!!


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac

  2. The Morlocks: what a band!! Thanks for this upgrade rawkin' dog.

  3. I've known your blog for a long time, but only now have realized how interesting and good your blog is. I have almost all of the list of 1987, except for maybe five. I found dozens in your blog that i didn't know and that i would like to order. Have a large collection. Australia alone maybe 1.500 cds & lps. Anyway will follow your blog regularly now, really intetesting. THANK YOU !

    1. Thank you! Congratulations on owning so many Australian albums!

    2. Bravo, tanta roba. Mi serviva proprio in digitale.

    3. Prego Andy! Di loro ho ancora da postare il singolo Under The Wheel / Hurricane A' Coming e Wake Me When I'm Dead, invece Emerge è uscita la ristampa da troppo poco tempo ...


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