The Spikes - 6 Sharp Cuts - 1985 - Australia - Alternative Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Big Time – BTA 003


A1 - The Spikes - Flashback To Acid Beach 5:34
Written-By – Doug Thomas, The Spikes
A2 - The Spikes - No Friend Of Mine 2:48
Written-By – Jay Turnbow, Larry Parks
A3 - The Spikes - Bloodmud 4:49
Written-By – Ian List, The Spikes
B1 - The Spikes - Romance 3:15
Written-By – Ian List, The Spikes
B2 - The Spikes - Scars And Angels 3:46
Written-By – Ian List, The Spikes
B3 - The Spikes - Hollywood 7:00
Written-By – Ian List, The Spikes

The debut in the form of a mini-album for one of the best Australian bands of the eighties. Reissued also in CD format in 1990 together with the 1986 album, a priceless jewel, even more than this 6 Sharp Cuts, and with 3 other songs from various origins and dates.
After Olumpic Sidevurns another Australian rock masterpiece.


rawkin' dog



  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac

  2. Great album Rawkin' dog, thanks mate.

    1. The 1986 album is coming soon, even more beautiful!

    2. These are the Spikes on the Permanent Wave album with 'High Heel Big Deal'? Can't wait.

    3. No, unfortunately for you they are not those, but they are very beautiful!

  3. great music blog, just found it.....looked for a way to contact blog owner to get a new link for an lp.
    this was the only way i could find. the lp with a dead link is
    here ---->

    thank you for your time and your blog


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