Skybird - Summer Of '73 - CD - 1974 - UK - Folk, World, & Country - flac - Kissing Spell - KSG005 - 1990


1 Queen Magdalena
2 Snowcloud
3 A Thousand Miles Away
4 Remembering
5 I Can't Take No More
6 Lately I Dream
7 Legend
8 Someone Ought To Tell Her
9 Who Killed Whom ?
10 So Long Ago
11 Summer Of Seventy Three

One of the last chapters of the Holyground "saga" and, as always, an unmissable gem for anyone who loves something different from the usual.

rawkin' dog



  1. my own cd rip - flac

  2. Hi, rawkin' dog. You're doing a wonderful job both here on Bordel Do Rock and on your YouTube Channel. I particularly appreciate when you post records that are impossible to find on the Internet, especially by underground bands of the eighties, which I love the most. I’d really appreciate if you could help me out with the following records: To Damascus “Come to Your Senses”, Divine Horsemen “Snake Handler”, Reptiles at Dawn “Naked in the Wilderness” and Decline of the Reptiles “The Hammer Speaks”.

    1. Thanks for everything! Sorry if I didn't answer you before, but I tried to look for the albums but I only found a torrent on Orpheus by Divine Horsemen "Snake Handler", but it doesn't seeds ..., I would be interested in something of these bands instead, if you can put a link, even provisional, I would be happy.

    2. There's no need to apologize, rawkin' dog. As I said you're doing a wonderful job. Divine Horsemen and To Damascus have just been posted on the beautiful blog "Down Underground". I don' know how to get Reptiles at Dawn and Decline of the Reptiles, that's why I asked you if you had them and were willing to share them. Anyway, I hope you're going to post more records that are hard to find on the internet, especially by outrageously underrated underground bands of the eighties (I can't thank you enough for Bruce Joyner and the Plantation and Band of Outsiders). I mean, I do love Rolling Stones, of course I do, but you can find their albums wherever you look on the Internet while there are lots of beautiful records that you can't. Thanks again for the time you spend in order to allow us to listen to such beautiful music!!!

    3. Thank you! Speaking of The Rolling Stones ..., YouTube gave me a strike for Ruby Tuesday ...
      You ask, so that you also give me some ideas on what to post, maybe some album that I forgot about existed

  3. Off the top of my head: The Lizard Train “Thirteen Hour Daydream” and “Slippery”, Beasts of Bourbon “The Low Road”, Fool Killers “Out of State Plates”, The Long Ryders “State of Our Union”, Huxton Creeper “12 Days to Paris”, The Olympic Sideburns “The Olympic Sideburns, Nikki Sudden/Dave Kusworth “Jacobites”, Nikki Sudden and the Jacobites “Texas”, Sister Double Happiness “Sister Double Happiness”. I’ll let you know if some other stuff come to mind.

    1. Lizard Train the mini album are not but I managed to find it, Slippery is scheduled when I will do the Australian rock special, of which many albums I will only give the link via e-mail (of course I do not publish the comment where you indicate the e-mail ), Beasts Of Bourbon, Fool Killers, Long Ryders and Sister Double Happiness are in preparation, but I don't know if I place them, at least I'll give you the link, for Huxton Creepers and Olympic Sideburns the same is true of Slippery, Nikki Sudden I don't I know it but find nothing.

    2. Wonderful news!!! I'm looking forward to this Australian Rock Special! Let me know how and when I should send you my e-mail address.

    3. As long as the next comment shows me your e-mail, obviously I don't publish it ... Anyway I'm late since I had to change computer and it's a disaster ,,,


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