Naked Prey - Naked Prey - 1984 - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - 1987 release with 5 bonus tracks - Down There Records - 1126-1, Enigma Records (3) - 1126-1


A1 Little Lucy - bonus
A2 Freezin' Steel
A3 Friend To Me - bonus
A4 Take The Word
A5 Too Far Gone - bonus
A6 The Story Never Ends
B1 Voodoo Godhead - bonus
B2 Flesh On The Wall
B3 Million Rifles - bonus
B4 No Place To Be
B5 Hour Glass
B6 Billy The Kid II

Truly difficult to choose from Youtube the songs to present the album, given the beauty of all the 12 songs present in precious reprint that adds 5 songs compared to the original of 1984 that blend very well with the 7 previously published, so I have even 4 choices !!!. You can find a small presentation on Wikipedia.
For my part I can recommend a great masterpiece of ROCK as "as it should be done"


rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!i4YVTYzR!KThdhWbnaNZ-7r0NSlyO6_fenpSSoGmZXWK1TTqaImg

  2. Olá pessoal, estou interessado em bandas hard rock (classic rock) cujo vocal seja feminino. Se alguém tiver umas dicas de bandas que deseje compartilhar eu agradeceria...

  3. Thank you! I was a big fan of early Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate and this is the first chance I have had to hear Naked Prey. Good stuff!

  4. Thanks Ugo ,great band from the 80's.

  5. Many thanks from Rome!! You made my day: a quest of more than 20 years is finally over!


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