Lipstick Killers (The) - Mesmerizer - 1984 FLAC - reissue Closer Records - CL 0037 - 1985 (Powerful Australian Garage Punk accidentally recorded live on cassette L.A. Nov. '81)

Punk band from Sydney, Australia formed around 1978 from the ashes of The Psycho Surgeons.

There are very few reviews on the web but this (, in Italian (but with Google's translator ...), is really perfect!
This miraculous recovery of a cassette recorded live at L.A. In Novemnre 1981, it allows us to enjoy 12 rock songs of rare and wild beauty, one of the best products of what I call ozrock, the Australian rock from 1977 to 1988, which provided us with dozens of inestimable gems.
Let this band know about rockers, you will be eternally grateful!

Dedicated to my dear friend Ginger!

my own vinyl rip 16-48


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    1. Cheers my friend, sorry for inconvenience!!vwpk3bIZ!JABDjKtM4eL_Cue1uSasyp5uuR2Qn_uPLPDUWqknMB0

    2. Excellent post, Nel, like always!


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