Skaldowie - 1973 - Krywan Krywan (Polish Prog) [flac] + Bonus Disc

Disc 1: Krywan Krywan
1. Krywaniu, Krywaniu (17:45)
2. Juhas zmar³ (4:35)
3. Jeszcze kocham (2:34)
4. Gdzie mam ciebie szukaæ (5:16)
5. Fioletowa dama (5:14)

Total Time: 35:24

Disc 2: Krywan Out Of Poland
1. Krywaniu, Krywaniu mój ty wysoki (22:07)
2. Góral (4:42)
3. Jeśli kochasz (2:42)
4. Gdzie mam ciebie szukać ( live ) (5:11)
5. Juhas zmarł (4:32)
6. Krywań, Krywań (19:53)
7. Heidelbeeren ( lyrics in german ) (5:32)

Total Time: 64:39

Fala putada,

Eu ja tinha postado esse album qdo o blog estava no wordpress mas resolvi fazer um repost pq este album e' bom o suficiente pra isso e tambem pq eu consegui um bonus disc rarissimo (apenas 500 copias).

Skaldowie e' uma banda Polonesa que foi criada na Cracovia em 1965 e estao ativos ate hoje, ao longo dos anos eles passaram por varios estilos musicais, sendo que os anos 70 definitivamente os levou ao pico de sua criatividade. Krywan Krywan mistura Rock, Folk, Jazz e musica classica, complexocom varias mudancas de tempo...  na minha opiniao (e de muitas outras pessoas) esse e' o melhor disco da dessa banda maravilhosa.

O segundo disco e' uma compilacao de versoes alternativas e ao vivo do album principal. De uma converida no video para se ter uma ideia dessa obra prima. Apague a luz, recline sua poltrona e se delicie!


This is maybe the best album ever made by any Polish group.
Skaldowie recorded a lot of poppy, big-beat short songs that are still played on the Polish radio. But only small group of dedicated fans know about this one.

Krywań is a mysterious mountain in Tatry Mountains. In fact the whole album is a kind of mixture between great symphonic prog and a traditional folk music from the southern Poland. The first, title track is a magnificent huge epic about the mountains and people living there. It's extremely comlex with lots of tempo changes and wonderfull solos on violin and Hammond organs (I love that sound!).

You will also find there parts inspired by the classics like Bach and Mussorgski. All in all it's one of my favourite songs of all time. But the rest of the album isn't any worse. There are four short compositions, each in quite simmilar style of symphonic prog with lots of folk parts and with some blues infuences.

The musicianship is superb here. Espescially the keyboard and violin parts. Their sound reminds me of Kansas in some way, but I have to admit I enjoy Krywań more than any Kansas album.

If you like Jon Lord or Keith Emerson, you'll love Skaldowie. This is a masterpiece. In my opinion the only one this band created. It's maybe the most important album in the history of Polish prog. A must have for everyone.

We also have here a very rare (500 copies only) bonus disc with live and alternative versions.

Turn off the lights, recline your armchair and enjoy!

(Dedicated to Adam ... I'm sure you will give us some more information about Skaldowie)

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"Skaldowie" - "Krywań Out of Poland"


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  2. Ehhhhh .... SKALDOWIE - "Krivan, Krivan". Who today looks at Skaldi not believe that one day they recorded this album. I've heard the opinion that "Krivan, Krivan," was a very cool reception when he appeared in the beginning of the 70s In total, there is nothing to wonder if people wanted music from the West and probably treat the album as a fake, an attempt to grasp at once more popular in the West, progressive music. However, after years of this record finally can take its rightful place in the history of Polish music rozrywkowej.To really was good, progressive group, their music on the one hand was a mirror, which reflected the everyday lives of its creators, on the other - that it happened less often, but still - influenced by our (the listeners) rzeczywistość.Myślę that are undervalued as Skaldowie formation rockowa.Płyty "From sunrise to sunset," "Krivan, Krivan," and "Creation of the World part Two" is in my opinion, an outstanding album, Zielinski niedoceniane.Andrzej though it is not only an outstanding composer, but also excellent instrumentalista.Ten album for a long time and I do not recall that I've ever been more excited about the new album. If after listening to the first page I was at least satisfied (17-minute suite, which with every beat positive surprises), then listening to the B, I was just rapt. There is no sense be analyzed float to the nuances of each of the tracks. Let me just say that all the material contained on this album is a brilliant combination of rock, jazz and folk music.
    Overall, this is an excellent Addition to any prog music collection. It's a Must For Those who enjoy body violin and Hammond sounds. The CD sleeve mentions That this album was released in 1973, instead of 1972.

    For those interested, I recommend to visit:

    Many thanx for uploader Tatonha , good choice, great job!

  3. I think you might consider checking out probably best hard rock group from Poland nowadays - Kruk. They released a new album this year - one of the songs feature Doggie White on vocals.

  4. Just Great Stuff!!Many Thanks+HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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