The Bo-Weevils - Destroyer Of Worlds – 1990 - Australia - Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Rubber Records – RUB007, MDS – RUB007


A1 - The Bo-Weevils – Palestine 3:53
A2 - The Bo-Weevils – Remember 3:34
A3 - The Bo-Weevils – Captain Nemo's Secret Garden 5:09
A4 - The Bo-Weevils – Destroyer Of Worlds 4:49
B1 - The Bo-Weevils – Grandmaster Of Disaster 2:53
B2 - The Bo-Weevils – Again 6:38
B3 - The Bo-Weevils – Middle Of Nowhere 4:39
B4 - The Bo-Weevils – Strange 2:25
B5 - The Bo-Weevils – Planetarium 5:15

With this album the roundup dedicated to ozrock ends!
I still have some gems but one is a compilation and the other albums I have planned are of genres that I don't define as ozrock..
The Bo-Weevils' second album is, like their debut, one of the world's best products of that magical period!

rawkin' dog

1st album here:


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac

  2. Respostas
    1. Do you happen to have the Bird Nest Roys album? I've been looking for their record for ages.

  3. Don't know why my comment came up as anonymous. Anyway, thought you may like this rawkin' dog if you don't have it. Bo-Weevils single. Link >>>

    1. Blogger is out of his mind... Thanks, I'll check your link now.

    2. Thanks, I had the same rip, but the scans are different sizes. Digger (Frank) made it, in my opinion the best of all, even better than Pbthal, The Poddlebites and Prof. Stoned, but this is my personal opinion.

  4. I thought it might be Digger. He closed his blog cause he was sick and he is part of G-Man's private forum but there has been no posts from him in a long time. I agree he had some great rips!

  5. Ripped this 'Kenney And The Kasuals - The Impact Sound Of - Live At The Studio Club 1966 (Mark Records Mono LP 5000 Reissue 1977) Flac' Link >>>


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