Aeroblus - Aeroblus (1977 tremendous Argentinian/Brazilian hard/heavy & blues rock, 2006 digipack edition - FLAC)

Bem, que o sr. Pappo foi um grande guitarrista da nossa "querida" vizinha Argentina provavelmente todos que apreciam um grande guitarrista sabem, mas que ele fez esse fantástico hard/heavy rock álbum, no ano de 1977, juntamente com outro argentino (Alejandro Medina) e o nosso brasileiro Rolando Castello Júnior (Patrulha Do Espaço), talvez não seja de conhecimento de muita gente; então eis uma boa oportunidade de ouví-los em alta qualidade de som! Desfrutem!


  1. LINK:

    EAC >Flac+.cue+log+full scans (600 dpi)


  2. Thank you Nel per caring for the Bordel do Rock

    The album it’s short, as usually happened with these heavy rock LPs released in Argentina during the 70s, particularly by the local Music Hall label (strangely this one was released by Philips that, if I’m not wrong, it is or it was a subsidiary of Polygram); and besides being short, "Aeroblus" it’s stylistically, dare one say “samey”, showcasing a heavy blues/proto metal with not too many variants...but in spite of this, the tunes are truly great, and the spirit, the sound of the band has a power that unavoidably moves you, if you can tell a good from a mediocre band in this genre, and Aeroblus belongs clearly to the league of the good ones.



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