Stomach Mouths (The) - Something Weird - 1986 - FLAC - Sweden - Garage Rock of inarrivable beauty

The Swedish Stomach Mouths are a legend of the garage sound of the eighties, authors of only 3 albums and two 7", all to have and conserve jealously.

The album Something Weird is one of my favorite of all time in the garage rock genre, which is the music I listen more than ever with the disco music. Thirteen perfect garage songs with at least half of them that would deserve the Olympics of music!

Swedish 2003 compilation, Born Losers, with 25 songs, doesn't make the band any justice for two reasons: an over clipped sound that is totally unsuitable for garage sound and especially the lack of some of the best songs in the group (Don't Need Your Love, Teenage Caveman, maybe the best of all, Nightmares and Down) which are instead in the album of this post!

my own vinyl rip 16-48




  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48!jh53QCyA!szNJQ9GipOfB6WTdHEkvnZzGYse6QMPSThBcB2Mm31Y


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