Casa Das Máquinas - Casa De Rock (1976 brazilian great hard/psychedelic rock) vinyl rip, Flac 24bit lossless

CASA DAS MÁQUINAS (meaning 'house of wonders') are a mid-70's Brazilian band from São Paulo borne out of the disenchantment of two musicians from glam/dance pop band OS INCRÍVEIS, namely drummer/percussionnist Netinho and guitarist/vocalist Aroldo who wanted to take a less commercial route. Recruiting three other musicians, they recorded 3 albums between 1974 and 1977; a compilation disk was also released in 2000. Their material is mostly heavy, bluesy hard rock with complex arrangements and thick guitar leads. The vocals are in Portuguese.

Their debut and self-titled album, released in 1974, is plain old hard rock. Their second, "Lar de Maravilhas" (1975), however, is considered a national prog classic. Donning a slick production, it incorporates the intensity of the first album with more sophisticated elements such as stronger melodies, better arrangements and an emphasis on spacious, multi-layered symphonic keyboards (particularly the synths). It is a strange collection of tunes in that it ranges from superb symphonic flights to some very banal pieces. Their third album, "Casa de Rock" (1976), reverts to their more primitive hard rock style, featuring two drummers and no more spacey keyboards. The compilation cd "Pérolas" is made up of 16 tracks taken from the second and third albums (tapes of the first are lost forever).


  1. Vinyl rip, Flac 24bit lossless (192/32-bit floating point)*c3*a1quinas.part1,581572133.rar(archive)*c3*a1quinas.part2,581604054.rar(archive)

    1. or!3YNgTZSL!vHbKZSTZsC3VfSDlZcjZ5qkDPeeS9M9eJ5Gpjtbmo0o

  2. 24/96 is largely enough

    no audible diff even with high end stereo
    files too big....
    and 192khz input not accepted on my dac...

    24/192 Music Downloads are Very Silly Indeed -

  3. A música deles Canto Livre é simplesmente maravilhosa.


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