Christopher – What’cha Gonna Do? (1969 us stupendous acid heavy and psychedelic blues-rock – FLAC)

Saudações, noutro dia eu falei sobre o quanto eu gosto de hard/blues-rock, então trago aqui para vocês um bom exemplo de peso com boas pitadas de blues. Brillhante heavy/hard e blues rock album; desfrutem!

Official, first-ever CD reissue of the legendary American 1969 psychedelic LP by Christopher (from Columbia, SC).
30th anniversary release of one of the absolute rarest U.S. private pressed hard psychedelic rock LP’s. Original pressings now trade hands for $2000 and up.
An enduring work of Stunning proportion, all the more amazing for having come out of South Carolina at the time. All original, high quality material, extended jamming (the title track clocks in at 12+ minutes), lysergic lyrics, effects, some fine vocal harmonies, and musically transporting, gutsy, creative heavy guitar work.
Acid rock mixed with blues, and lovely melodic rock songs. Had this been a major label release it would have been a staple in every hippie’s ear diet, (nothing to do with the other Christopher on Metromedia!).
Released with full permission of all band members with rare group and session photos, posters and history.


  1. Thanks Nel, can you reup this? thanks!

  2. LINK:

    EAC>Flac+.cue+log+full scans (600 dpi)


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